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Crown Appraisal Group - the national appraisal company that you haven't heard of.

No leasing arm.
No brokerage component.
No management division.

An appraisal company.

Since 1993, Crown Appraisal Group has prepared more than 16,000 appraisal reports in more than 700 markets in all 50 states for over 300 clients.

How have we been able to do this?

Does it matter?

Do you really want to be put to sleep listening to things like, “enhanced productivity through seamless integration of the newest applications resulting in bigger pipeline connectivity from state-of-the-art technology...” from your appraiser?

Or would you rather go to sleep knowing that your appraisal needs are being taken care of?

Be confident that Crown Appraisal Group will deliver what you need when you need it.

Crown Appraisal Group consistently meeting – and exceeding – client expectations for accurate, comprehensive, understandable, appraisal reports and market studies delivered on time, every time.

Corporate Office

6797 N. High Street, Suite 325
Columbus, OH 43085
Office Phone: 614-431-3332
Office Fax: 614-431-3376


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