There are many ways to become an expert, and many ways to develop expertise. Crown Appraisal Group personnel have developed expertise through years of work experience in concert with formal education.

We retain our expertise through formal continuing education classes, seminars, and attending industry specific events such as the CREF/MBA Convention and Expo, senior housing‘s NIC conference, HUD‘s SMAC meetings, and the National Manufactured Home Convention.

Appraisal Reports
Crown Appraisal Group has prepared about 16,000 appraisal reports in more than 700 markets in all 50 states for more than 300 clients. Annually, we deliver about 1,000 appraisal and consulting reports to clients. Crown has appraised “common” properties like apartment complexes, office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities, as well as unique properties such as partially completed hospitals, a kosher meat processing plant, and corporate headquarters.

Market Studies
The majority of the market studies prepared by Crown Appraisal Group are for those properties with beds. Market studies are generally prepared for apartment properties and senior housing. Market studies, which include rent comparability studies, allow clients the ability to analyze the desirability of a specific unit mix and amenity package of a property. The reports can also be used to measure the size of a market.

Rent Comparability Studies
Rent comparability studies are prepared according to HUD guidelines in conjunction with specific state requirements. A rent comparability study is a specific type of market study. Crown Appraisal Group has prepared numerous rent comparability studies.

Consultation/Litigation Support
Crown Appraisal Group personnel have qualified as expert witnesses throughout numerous courts, including Federal Bankruptcy Court. We have testified in tax assessment/appeal cases, eminent domain situations, and bankruptcy/foreclosure proceedings. We have served as advisors and asset managers for life insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals.


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